Are you in control of your business?

behind the scenes coaching Apr 21, 2023

The Spring Market is here and the market is improving. That is both great and bad news......


If you are like most agents, the last few weeks have seen a dramatic improvement in activity from where it was earlier this year. Low inventory and climbing rates created a very quiet start to 2023 for most. However, as the weather warms up so has the market and most of you have gotten much busier. Your outlook and your income for 2023 are likely improving. That's great news! 

But at the same time, it isn't.

How could I say that? Because when the market improves, we all get complacent. Let me explain why.

Right now, many of you are very excited and celebrating the new clients, new contracts, and soon to be new commission checks coming in. But what did you do directly to influence this change of direction? The answer in most cases is nothing, we did what we always do and waited for the market to change. We are patting ourselves on the back for getting back on track, but did we?

As you stare at your schedule of appointments, showings, inspections, appraisals, and closings; where is lead generation and time to work on your business? Where is the time in your schedule to build the pipeline, create those videos, or attend those networking events? When we get busy servicing the business, we sacrifice the time to work on the business. The market has improved, and you are busy serving clients that will eventually lead to income, so why should you worry about that now?

Market cycles are temporary. You want your business to be sustainable over the long term, right? 

In order to build a sustainable business, you have to remain focused on the key activities that make your business cycleproof (not a word, I know). You should be lead generating, reviewing your key metrics and plan, and finding the areas of improvement in your business. Stay focused on the activities that will prevent another drop off in your business, not just the needs of the business you have right now.

We have had many people ask us when we will do another 90 listings in 90 days challenge, and my answer may surprise you. We never stop. We operate every day like it's a 90 in 90 challenge because those are the activities, focus, and attention to learning what is working in the market that will make us successful in any market. We took more listings over the last 90 days than some of the brokerages in our market... 4 listing agents are outproducing entire offices. We aren't worried about a market cycle.

If you want to be in control of your success, you have to be in control of your business and not a passenger to a change in the market. We are in control, how about you?

Best of luck making 2023 your best year yet! I know several of our agents are on track to do just that.


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