Is your business built to scale?

coaching Jun 06, 2023

As the weather has warmed up, so has the market and the activity in the market. Agents are working harder than ever to get buyers under contract and find listings to sell. Running the business becomes more challenging as we get busier serving the business we have.

I coach many agents and I continue to get the question, "How can I get more done and stay on track?" My response is always, have you built your business to scale or have you built your business around you?

What does that mean? A business built around the entrepreneur is only effective when they work, because they do everything. A business built to scale utilizes systems, automation, and leverage to allow the entrepreneur to not have to do everything all the time. This is when growth happens.

One of my favorite leverage tools is video. I shared with our clients last week some of my favorite ways to use video to scale. They are:

- Lead generation: create community focused video and educational videos to showcase the community and educate potential clients on the process.

- Nurturing your sphere: send videos with market updates, local news, community events, stories of how you have helped clients, and other pieces of interest to keep people engaged

- Training: record yourself performing certain tasks in your business so that you can use them later to train someone else to do this for you

- Client communication: record videos celebrating certain milestones and reminding clients what happens next and what to expect. These videos can be automatically sent at certain points in a transaction and provides a nice touch during the process.

Many years ago, Gary Vaynerchuk told us to "document, don't create." We don't always have to create new things, we can just document our day or the things we do and this provides content that both entertains and informs. I challenge you to find ways to utilize video as a simple first step into building scale into your business. You will be surprised how much time you can save and opportunity you can create.


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