90 Listings in 90 Days - Week 8 Learnings

coaching Apr 25, 2023

Week 8 of the 90 listings in 90 days challenge is complete. The Mateja Group has taken 30 listings so far with many sellers being nurtured and many more appointments set for next week. We are finding that a lot of the sellers that indicated they are thinking about selling are now coming forward to get started with the process. There are a lot of listing agreements that sellers are reviewing and preparing to sign. The number of listings should begin to grow faster, like the hockey stick effect we talked about last week. We have shared some of the key learnings from this week below.


#1 - As you are generating leads and signing clients, you need to make sure that you don't let the lead generation activities stop because you get busy servicing clients. Now is the time to be intentional with your schedule and time block your lead generation activities, so that you don't run out of clients when these clients close. 


#2 - We continually talk about lead generation, but not all conversations are with leads. We need to be in the relationship generation business. When you talk to someone that isn't ready to buy or sell, don't discard their information. Add them to your database and nurture that relationship so that they use you and refer you in the future. Relationships will create your business long term.


#3 - When you focus on others, you will get what you need. Right now, we need to be focused on helping others. Helping our clients solve their problems, our vendors through this shift, and our community small businesses. When you make it about everyone else and help them, they will want to help you.

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