90 Listings in 90 Days - Week 6 Learnings

coaching Apr 23, 2023

Week 6 of the 90 listings in 90 days challenge is complete. The Mateja Group has taken 19 listings so far with many sellers being nurtured and many more appointments set for next week. Momentum is building as the consistent activity creates a pipeline of new leads and nurtures. We are continuing to sign many buyer clients, commercial clients, and investor clients because of this activity. The closing schedule is filling up for March and April so we are expecting a strong finish to Q1 and a strong start to Q2. We have shared some of the key learnings from this week below.


#1 - Discipline + Accountability = Success. When we are disciplined in our actions and are open to accountability, we will achieve much higher levels of success. Have someone in your life hold you accountable to your commitments and goals and you will find it hard not to achieve them.


#2 - Understand objections and conditions. Objections are something a seller gives you to avoid making a decision. These are often tied to motivation or fear of the next step. Conditions are something you can't move past, such as a life situation that is preventing them from being able to act now. Understand the difference to ensure your conversations are productive.


#3 - In this market, buyers and sellers have fears and concerns. The media continues to paint a bleak picture and people don't know what they should do. It is our job to be a problem solver. Listen to their concerns and show them how you can provide a solution to get them what they need. Now, more than ever, we need to be problem solvers and demonstrate our expertise.

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