90 Listings in 90 Days - Week 5 Learnings

Apr 22, 2023

Week 5 of the 90 listings in 90 days challenge is complete. The Mateja Group has taken 14 listings so far with many sellers being nurtured and many more appointments set for next week. As a result of all of this activity, we are signing many buyer clients, commercial clients, and investor clients. Although we are prospecting for listings, all of these other opportunities have us putting one client a day under contract. We have shared some of the key learnings from this week below.


#1 - When engaging with your database, make sure that your referral sources are included. Your past clients, vendors, and networking contacts may have referrals for you. Referral business is one of the best sources because you aren't usually competing for it.


#2 - Mix up your approach. You may be starting to feel like you are doing the same things over and over. Utilize calls, text messages, handwritten note cards, social media messages, and face to face conversations to give yourself some variety and not allow your prospecting to get stale.


#3 - Meet people where they are by communicating with them in the way they prefer (phone, text, email, etc.). They are more likely to respond and engage with you if the communication is done in a way that is comfortable to them. If you don't know what they like, either ask them or look back at how they have communicated with you in the past.

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