90 Listings in 90 Days - Week 3 Learnings

coaching Apr 20, 2023

Week 3 of the 90 listings in 90 days challenge is complete. The Mateja Group has taken 8 listings so far with many appointments completed and more set for next week. Our focus is on having as many conversations with sellers as we can so that when they are ready, they think of us. Now is the time to stay focused on the activities as the reward will come. We have shared some of the key learnings from this week below.


#1 - Find the lead generation methods that work for you. Think about the things that you like to do and would be willing to do consistently and do those things. Don't think you have to do something if it's not something you will consistently do.


#2 - Figure out who your ideal client would be (your client avatar) and how to connect with them. Create videos that would get their attention, go to networking events they would be at, and visit the places they would visit so that you are more visible to them.


#3 -Utilize social media as a networking tool. Post what you are doing and where you are going. Tag the people you are with and the businesses you are visiting as this is a great way to become more visible in your community and get in front of the networks of the people that you tag.

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