90 Listings in 90 Days - Week 12 Learnings

coaching Apr 29, 2023

Week 12 of the 90 listings in 90 days challenge is complete. The Mateja Group has taken 60 listings and generated more than 100 pieces of business during this time. We have several team members on pace for their best years ever and we plan on continuing to take action at this level going forward so that we can continue to take our unfair share of the market. We have shared some of the key learnings from this week below.


#1 - When you are talking with someone and they don't need to buy or sell right now, ask them if there is anything else they might need. By asking this question, we have found clients that needed to buy or sell commercial space or investment properties, as well as people that just needed a referral for something. This question can unlock business that people didn't know you could help them with or give you an opportunity to provide some value and earn their trust. 


#2 - When approaching the discussion around commission, it is important that you frame the conversation based on what you as the listing agent make, and then what the seller wants to share with the buyer's agent. Simply describe it as, "I make X to be able to provide this level of service, what would you like to share with the buyer's agent?" This allows you to ensure that the client knows what your value is and then you can guide them through why they might want to share a certain amount with the buyer's agent. By breaking down the pieces, there is less focus on the total and more understanding of how the commission actually works.


#3 - Don't stop improving. There are many things you can do to improve your skills to allow you to build a sustainable business in any market. Improve your understanding of scripts and conversations, practice with others, and take feedback. Take this same approach with your marketing, systems, operations, and content. If you want to learn from the best people we know, join our private mastermind and go behind the scenes with us. If not, find people you can mastermind with and share ideas so you can continue to learn, implement, and improve. 

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