90 Listings in 90 Days - Week 1 Learnings

coaching Apr 18, 2023

Our 90 listings in 90 day challenge began this week. We have had over 300 people sign up to join us on this challenge and set their business up for massive success in 2023. Using this challenge as a way to establish the discipline and actions that drive results in your business will set you up for success beyond just these 90 days. We have shared some of the key learnings from this week below.


#1 - Set the goal that makes sense for your business. If 90 in 90 is not right for you, determine what is. Don't set a goal so low that reaching it is disappointing, use this as an opportunity to stretch yourself. For example, if you think 10 in 90 would be a good goal, consider stretching that to 12 or 15.


#2 - Focus on the activities and the actions you are taking, not on the result. We get it, this is a timed challenge and you want to hit your goal before 90 days are up. However, if you are disciplined and focused on the actions, the results will come. Even if you don't hit the goal, these actions will create momentum that bring you business long after the 90 days are over.


#3 - There are 3 key lead generation tips that will help you during this challenge.

1 - you need a way to engage your database to create referrals.

2 - you need a way to generate inbound contacts to build that database.

3 - you need a cold source that you can reach out to have more conversations and build that database.

As you build that database, put these new contacts into your database and refer to #1.

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